Modest Sala. “Tigth Distressingly”. 100 x 81 cm . Oil/Mixed/Canvas.

People. Anguish. Do we have freedom? Can we follow the path that absolutely pleases us the most? If we continue to achieve happiness? No, no, no ……. Happiness is within the narrow path, where we do not harm the rest of normal people and we are generous with those we love, without expecting anything. But maintaining our individuality and independence.


MODEST SALA SEBASTIA, born in Catalonia, in a city near Barcelona, has lived and worked all his life in Barcelona. He has also thoroughly enjoyed the Mediterranean coast. He has lived for some seasons in European capitals and the rest of the world.

His vocation, since his youth, has been the philosophy of life, feelings and its manifestation through abstract art. It is a dilapidated activity and, if you want to monetize and market, unfortunately, this activity must be carried out in accordance with the fashions of the time and according to what customers and gallery owners think they are in demand.

To live well, Modest graduated and worked as a lawyer, economist and legal auditor. He is still the honorary president of a law firm, but he is fully dedicated to whatever he wants, which is the vital philosophy and art.

Throughout his life he created his works – abstract paintings – which he has exhibited in individual, collective exhibitions, fairs and galleries. He has given them away or sold at the price he has set, according to the characteristics of the buyer. It follows the same line since, fortunately, it does not need to live on art. He has not wanted to have a relationship with gallery owners or intermediaries who were speculators. He has written a few books philosophically exposing his vision of life in a very short way, but it is the true origin of his artistic expression.

His philosophy is that absolutely no one knows why universal laws have made him born and live, and that we have no idea why they force us – universal laws – because of the need to feed us to kill other life forms to survive. Nor can we guess if when we die we will go somewhere or disappear.

This is the heart of expression of the artist Modest Sala, that some works have been signed with his name and others such as Walas —-sala, upside down and M, “cap per avall” upside down—.

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